It is after so many readings about what my people have suffered during the last centuries that I decided to reverse the process to finally find the right word.

In spite of all this, we have survived. We are still here while 'the others' have always wanted to annihilate us. And this fact is too true.  You only have to know a little bit about the history of the world.
Many peoples, many empires throughout the ages have disappeared and the people of Israel are still here.  

The question becomes: How come? What does this people have that the others do not? Why has it managed to survive when the others have disappeared? I imagine that many have tried to find a solution, an answer to this question. And me, have I found the answer?

This one might shock you because it is not as rational as the common man is ready to understand. Indeed, how can one rationalize the suffering that my people had to endure? Is there any other people on our planet that has known so much misery, so many humiliations, so many executions, as the Jewish people?

Yes, my answer will surprise you.
Today, more than ever, the world realizes that the Jews are different.
It is true that the Jew, unlike the "other", does not have a perfect identity. He spends his life passing on to the next generation what he is. And humanity has not integrated the fact that the Jew can live without a perfect identity.
And from this comes ANTISEMITISM

Ask around and you may get the same answer.  The Jews are rich. They rule the world. They are everywhere. They're in finance and in Hollywood. They are the bosses, the lawyers, the doctors, the accountants.

Strangely enough, citing so many qualities, a feeling of jealousy arises and this provokes opposite reactions. Suddenly, people don't like the Jew. They resent him for being so successful, so prosperous. Why him and not me?
The other person does not realize that the Jew, in order to succeed, had to study hard, had to work harder than the other person in order to get good results. He was encouraged by his family who wanted him to succeed.

There is, however, one factor that we tend to forget. The Jew who was first circumcised at the age of eight days also had to have his Bar Mitzvah at the age of thirteen to become an adult. He spent some time reading the Torah, the Bible of the Jews, to get his background. The Torah gave him a foundation for living in society.

This Torah that the Jew respects has always been the point of support that follows him throughout his life. Moreover, this Torah has been for 4000 years the source of belief par excellence of the Jewish people. It is with them wherever they are. They read it every week since the beginning of time.  What the world does not realize is that this is where the strength of the Jew comes from.

The Torah is what I have and what the other has not.  It is this attachment to a book that is out of the ordinary that makes the Jew survive. Without it, life would not have been the same. So that is what I claim to be my answer. It seems simple and yet it has an unimaginable force.

Yes, I insist and say loud and clear that it was our love for the Torah that saved us when we were often threatened with perdition.

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