If I had to leave today, what should I do immediately?
It's strange that I start with an If, as if that possibility were unlikely. But we all know that sooner or later we have to leave.
But personally, I've never agreed with this assumption.
If we are here, it is because there is a reason. So why leave?
For me, I am here, I am staying. And besides, I feel very well here.

Some would say that if we leave, well, we're leaving for a better world.
No, thank you. I prefer this one, because I'm sure of what's around me. Elsewhere, who knows?
And I doubt very much that this elsewhere exists.

And yet, I did say at the beginning if I had to leave?
I guess that in my subconscious, there is this alternative, which I do not want to believe.
Some will say that we must leave and that will make room for the following ones, because if we stay, our earth could not accumulate the present world and the world to come.

Indeed, this makes some sense and I would like to stop and judge if there is a possibility that we can all live on this same planet without anyone leaving.
A long geography lesson is necessary to find several places where nobody lives today but maybe live there tomorrow. I will do this exercise without even thinking that there is always the possibility of living on Mars.
Besides, these days there is a lot of talk about it.

Let's take some examples: China and India.

Who would have thought, fifty years ago, that these countries could accommodate more than a billion inhabitants? Well, it's done and in my opinion, if we can live with one billion, we could live with two billion.
It might as well be said that the USA, which is large and has only a few hundred million people, could also accommodate a billion.
And what about Canada, bigger than the USA with only ten percent of the population.

I have only mentioned four countries.
Imagine the deserts of the world, mostly empty of population. With our current technologies, we can make the deserts bloom and make many people live there.
Israel has done it.
There are even cold, even icy regions of Canada and Russia. They too, once stabilized, will be able to welcome people. Not to mention an underground or underwater life

All of this is so that there is room and we don't need to give up our own space to others, but rather welcome them into our midst.
And if you ask me: How will we feed all these beautiful people, I would answer you:
Do you know the waste that is made nowadays when every year millions of tons of food end up in the garbage?
The figure is astronomical and could support thousands of people.
And by the way, wouldn't it be nice to start planting again? Reopen all those farms we had to close? Forget about Hi-Tec and go back to the roots, the same roots that we have destroyed, believing we are sailing towards an uncertain progress.

I am so far away from my first sentence, so far away that I don't want to leave anymore because I risk not to be the witness of the progress that our world is about to make to improve the life of its population.

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