Whether words are spoken softly or shouted, once spoken, they are gone.
Whether it's a compliment or a reprimand, once spoken, those words are gone.

The written word, however, will be there for a long, long time. And that is the power of writing and I dare to believe that if nowadays, we write less and type more on our computers, it is still a document that will persist.

And what is speech if not a word or a set of words that thanks to the faculty of speaking express this thought by means of the voice. Some words are friendly, even encouraging, others aggressive and nasty.

Some words are friendly, even encouraging, others aggressive and nasty. Yes, the word has all its value, because as soon as the speaker doesn't know that he has to cut out an excess of meaning, he is the dupe of the words he pronounces.
The good thing about words is that they are the most docile of all servants and can be made to do whatever you want. Jean d'Ormesson said so in his Histoire du Juif errant.

What Bernard Pivot said in his Au secours! Les mots m'ont mangé: is that words are to the writer what clay and marble are to the sculptor, flour to the baker or cards to the poker player.

What is difficult with words is that there are so many of them. You have to be able to choose the best ones, and that's not easy.

I spend a lot of time making sure I have chosen the right word, because it is the right word that makes the difference. The beauty of words is that they carry ideas that can heal the mind and nourish the soul. Deepak Chopra in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, added that my words live with all their energy, they elevate us and transform us.

A word from the Talmud comes back to me: A kind word is better than an alms.
This is another good example of charity.
Thomas Mann in The Magic Mountain taught us that literature is about beautiful words. For these give rise to beautiful deeds.

A proverb of King Solomon tells us that pleasant words are like a bees' nest, sweet to the soul and health to our bones.
It is true that man does not live by words alone, but no sacred word limits the exercise of his intelligence. And I add that the only thing stronger than words is silence. This word which, according to Marek Halter in The Messiah, is the shadow of action.
I remember that one of my former teachers said very simply: I can't read your paper because it is badly written. Will he say today that it is badly typed. I used to love writing, which is the representation of words and ideas. But each of us had his own writing, his own way of forming letters. Sometimes it betrayed us because we knew its author

For some, it was easier to express themselves in writing, and this reminds me that there was a time when for the examination, it was necessary to submit written tests, the opposite of an oral examination.
The Bible is well known as the Holy Scriptures. If it were not for the writers, whose profession is to write, would we have all these famous books in our libraries?

All the speakers of the world who have said so many things, good and bad, are gone and their words are gone with them, while the writings remain. Authors live on in us through their writings.
That is why, with a meager vanity, I would dare to think that this writing, however short it may be, could bring a respite, if not a relaxation to the reader, informing him or her a little of the pleasure that reading a writing can bring

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