This statement may sound harsh but it is unfortunately true. So, no wonder that when they grow, children who become adults do maintain this attitude that shapes their behavior.
But why is it so?

I kept searching for an answer and the closest I got to it, was when reading Genesis, chapter 6 verse 5 and chapter 8 verse 21.
I must admit that I am privileged to read the Bible in its original language and speaking Hebrew helps for a better understanding.

The two verses mentioned above have to do with the heart of man. The first speaks about the thoughts of his heart being evil all day long, the second claims that the tendency of man's heart is toward evil from his youth.

What do we make of this?
Yes, schools and their teachers are also part of the answer, but do they do their share?

Maybe we should encourage the world to read what all the wise men before us had to say, for they were right most of the time. Here is what one of them had to say about attitude: "A person’s unfriendly attitude to other people makes life unhappy, both for that person and for those who surround him. A friendly mood and loving attitude are as an oil which lubricates the wheels of life, making them move easily and smoothly".

Coming back to children, everyone will agree that our generation spoils them too much. It seems that since their birth we do no stop buying them every possible gadget or bauble we find to the point that when one thinks of it, we do it for ourselves more than for them.

And as they grow, the phenomenon keeps going, the stuffed animals become electronic items and on, to the points that we made our kids to expect more and more every day and when we are unable, they rebel, get into a tantrum , a fit of anger, making us look bad in the middle of the store, while other parents wonder why are we so bad to our kids.
And sad to say, we do not learn. We need to go back to school. We are now the victims of our children. Truly, I do not like that idea. For seeing the way things are going today, our world has become permeated with decadence and horror.
And who is the guilty one? Me? You?

And if I go back to the Bible, I will wonder how come the creator, so grieved by his creatures, has not decided to destroy all human kind.

Time to wake up!

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