After praising knowledge, praising truth and praising reason, it seemed logical to me to praise logic, right?
That's why I'm working on it.

And here it is.

First, let's see what the dictionary says: Logic is a science whose object is to determine the rules of thought by which one can reach the truth. It is thus a question of a continuation in the ideas, of a coherence in the speech.

Ambrose Bierce said almost the same thing: Logic is the art of thinking and reasoning in strict accordance with the limitations of human understanding.

Sometimes there is a lack of logic and in other cases, it is a flawless logic. To be logical is to show a necessary sequence of things We are often asked to be logical to ourselves, to have a logical mind. It is true that all logical reasoning is coherent.

I recently read a nice little book written by Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein entitled: Plato and a Platypus walk into a bar. It says that without logic, reason is useless. But that with it one can win arguments but alienate multitudes.

Speaking of arguments, it seems that one should refrain from arguing because it is an illogical way to convince people.

We are well informed about its value.
What about knowledge?

To read all these beautiful words, one would conclude that it is by logic that we prove our point of view. Leonardo da Vinci attributes his discoveries to intuition rather than logic. While Samuel Butler warns us that logic is like a sword - those who use it will perish by it.

I delved into the field of art to see how logic has its place and discovered that for Paul Cezanne, there is a logic of colors and it is only with this and not with the logic of the brain that a painter should conform.

And now the political side. Wouldn't it be logical that every American Jew who loves Israel and wants to protect it should vote for it?
Well, that doesn't seem to be the case. We have seen with amazement how many of them are against this reasoning. Where is the logic?
It is the same in the case of the American elections. Many voters do not like Donald Trump but will still vote for him for domestic political reasons.

As if presuming to know defies all logic and flies in the face of reason.
Moreover, in 'The Wisdom of the Body' a certain Nuland reminds us that presuming to know defies all logic and flies in the face of reason.

And Jean Cocteau proves it to us so well when he says that there are three things that he could never understand: the ebb and flow of the tides, the social mechanism and the feminine logic.

And what about free expression?
Is there not a more beautiful freedom than this one that the United States keeps shouting about?
Does it make sense that this freedom is being violated today when we see what is happening in American universities?
In the last few days, Berkeley has refused to allow Ann Coulter to speak at their house.

I'm afraid that this kind of phenomenon is going to change our world, because to me it goes straight against all logic.

And what about the altercation that took place in the last few months in the parliament in Macedonia when members of the government of both sides exchanged punches? Is it logical to see adults who are supposed to have common sense acting like this?

Unfortunately the answer is: no.
So should we consider that there is no logic among us anymore?

And to change the subject, we all know that air pollution is deadly. And what are we doing about it? We continue to degrade our situation as if we don't realize it. Again, where is the logic?

Did you know that in London, ten thousand people die every year because of this air pollution? Is this normal? Is this logical?

Another example: Israel is a very small country, isn't it? And yet the world is extremely interested in it. This has nothing to do with logic.

To read these last remarks, one must believe that logic has gone out the window.
Maybe we should forget it once and for all.
Unless... I hope we can find a solution.

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