I learned when I was younger that communication is very important.
A little later, on the job market, I discovered that the lack of communication costs all companies a fortune.
Entire departments are set up to avoid this shortcoming. And I claim that the problem will never be solved as long as we deal with human beings with all their flaws.

I wonder today if more and more companies are turning to the use of robots for the simple reason of avoiding the losses caused by this lack of communication. Indeed, the robot has the advantage of not having emotions.

And yes, it is these emotions that cause misunderstanding between individuals of all societies.

Now the word communication comes from the verb to communicate which means to transmit, to share, to pass from one thing to another. To communicate with someone is to be in relation with him or her.
Thus, communication becomes a means of connection between two people. We use articulated language to transmit information to another subject, who receives it, understands it or not and thus causes a problem.

We owe it to ourselves to communicate and thus contribute in a useful and easy way to the peace of the others and to our own, because silence rather generates anxiety and suspicion.

We cannot refuse to communicate, because to do so would be a failure, a defect. We have the privilege of language and that is what it is for. All members of the human species speak, so...

I would even go so far as to say that the animal world also has this capacity to communicate. You only have to listen to the birds when they sing non-stop, emitting sounds and noises that are strange to us but certainly not to them. Wouldn't we like to understand what they say to each other?
I believe that nowadays, universities have added communication courses to their curriculum. It seems that the society recognizes that there is a gap to fill. And we would be happy if it was only this gap. I stop here because it is likely to flare up.

Since I have always wanted to communicate with the world, I have committed myself to the mission of learning several other languages so that I can express myself and understand others. I have had the privilege of traveling abroad and have had the opportunity to practice many languages.

Yes, I am lucky, because after one or two weeks in a country, I have amassed enough vocabulary that the locals can't believe it.
I remember after spending two weeks in Hong Kong, I thought: now I'm going to Taiwan and they will understand me, and I learned that the two Chinese languages are different, one is Goyu (Cantonese) and the other is Putangwha (Mandarin).

After another two weeks, everything was fine,

I found Japanese and Korean to be easy languages since they lacked the Chinese intonations that define the sentence. Their pronunciation is almost Latin. The sounds are pronounced almost like French.
Sayonara is pronounced sa yo na ra, and similarly for Kamsa Hamida, kam sa ha mi da.

My previous trips were to Spain and Italy, and after a few visits. I was fluent enough in both languages that I easily switched between them. I remember that on my first trip to Rio, not knowing Portuguese yet, between French, Spanish and Italian, everyone understood me.

And to think that there are still so many countries and languages that I don't know.
Will I ever have time?
Yes, time, that famous man who often fails us!
Today, I don't rush anymore. Everything will happen in due time. I firmly believe in it.

If only the world could stop and understand the value of communication, thanks to which we benefit from so many kindnesses, so many pleasures and riches, then we will be much better people

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