Whatever happens, believe in life, believe in tomorrow, believe in what you are doing, but above all, believe in yourself, because life is a journey that only begins when you have a goal. Because life is a journey that only really starts when you give it a goal. We should not compare our life with the life of others. We have no idea how far they have come in life. And life is too short to waste time hating someone. We must note that life is a school and we are here to learn. The problems are the lessons that what we learn from them will be for the rest of our lives. Besides, it is when we have nothing more to expect from this life that we finally start to think about the essential and about eternity. I was reading not long ago that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations after the Second World War "declares that the 'right to life' is the most fundamental value of humanity. Since death clearly violates this right, death is a crime against humanity. This radical transformation that affects the exercise of power rests on a basic postulate: life is the supreme value and its corollary stated by the UN: death is a crime against humanity. This remark was made following the Coronavirus crisis I will raise a passage from the Sanherdin Treaty, CH.5, Mishna 5) Talmud Yeroushaimi 4:9, Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 37a. which says that he who takes the life of a son of Israel, destroys an entire world, and he who saves the life of a son of Israel; saves an entire world. Now if for some people life is a great surprise, why shouldn't death be a greater surprise. Another wise man said that life is a small thing, but the disregard of life is a huge thing. Is not life a dream from which death awakens us. And would life be bearable without its pleasures? For there is no life that is dominated by the shadow of death. And the whole effort of life is to push away the idea of death by the gush, by the abundance, by the accumulation of life. Let us remember that we have to furnish our existence. Everything we do in this life has no importance, but life is given to us to do with passion things that have no importance. After all, life is a useless passion. We must treat the world with passionate indifference. War, the Horse, music, love serve to charm life as one charms a snake and to camouflage indifference It is necessary that life is very strong to make us forget that we are going to die. And isn't sleep the best narcotic? Someone has said that there is no entertainment more powerful than life against death - or against the absence of death I have no worries, no regrets about mixing life and death, because for me, at some point, they meet. And that's when we realize that at the end of life the liberating voices are not the soothing voices, the reassuring voices. They are not content to invite us to wait for the future like we wait for the train. To see things more clearly, it would seem that life and history are reduced to their love. Is there anything else under the sun than the passion of hearts. This passion that carries them away and rolls them in its waves? Do you distinguish this game between time and life? It rests entirely on a frightening mystery: when there is nothing left, there will have been something and death itself does not erase the memory. Yes, I recognize the secret of life, that it is confused with death and that there is no life when there is no death. Life is a song of love only because it is a song of death. The question is often asked: What is strength? Who is the strongest? And the answer is very simple. There is something that is stronger than life: it is death? Something that is stronger than speech: silence? Something that is stronger than presence: it is absence? There remains an element that can be satisfying, namely that death is not the end of everything, since there is remembrance. The most formidable of all spiritual forces is memory. There is a game between time and life. It rests entirely on a frightening mystery: when there is nothing left, there will have been something and death itself does not erase the memory. And I come back to another definition of life: it is the set of forces that resist death, life is what dies. Life and death are so closely linked that they only make sense through each other. And if we understand this statement, perhaps we will fear less what worries and preoccupies the world. For in the end, life is but a lonely journey, said the philosopher... I will shout loud and clear that this is false. That life is a theater, an adventure, a mission, a duty above all... We do not live for ourselves, we live for others and these others are our descendants, our next generations. We prepare the way for them, we instruct them with our knowledge, our experiences, our love of life and especially our admiration and devotion to the Creator. This is what our parents did and this is what we do too, because we must perpetuate life, we must arm it adequately so that it can resist, so that it can reach those heights that were unattainable yesterday and are no longer today. Man was created for great things, but it is hard to see that he is often unaware of them. Human life is not a single piece. Nor is it torn between the two parts of Heaven and Earth, as classical metaphysics maintains. It unfolds in three registers: the order of the flesh, the order of the spirit, the order of charity. We all know that all things in life are temporary. If it goes well, let's enjoy it, it won't last forever. If it's going badly, there's nothing to worry about because it can't last long either. I have learned like so many others that it's the small daily events that make a life spectacular. I have also learned that no matter how serious we are about life, each of us needs a playful friend to have fun with. And to think that some people think that life is a precipice in front of us and wolves behind us. Quite a Latin proverb isn't it and here are some more: The joys of life are not equal to its misfortunes. Not to be born is the best. While for BUDDHA life is a pain, for Einstein it is more pleasant when he says: that a quiet and modest life brings more joy than the search for success which implies a permanent agitation. I promised above that I would not quote authors and here I have failed. To finish positively I would like to raise some nice points so that the reader does not fall too low. I would say that the tragic element of modern man is not that he ignores the meaning of life, it is that it bothers him less and less. That life is not only about consuming, shackling pleasures and to laugh at everything; it is also the aspiration of the spirit to rise, that hardness and rigidity are companions of death, suppleness and flexibility are companions of life.

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