Is there an Arab pride?

What pride could an Arab or a Moslem have today to belong to their own world?

Yes, it n the Middle Ages, some of its scholars discovered and translated to the world then the Greek philosophers.
But it has been more than six centuries that they didn't produce anything good for humanity, if not causing violence against others and themselves

We can ask the question: Where does this wickedness come from?
I can think of Jean Jacques Rousseau who told us that wickedness comes from weakness.

But go tell an Arab that he is weak and he will tell you of all the wars he won.
He will not mention, however that it was by the persuasion of his sword that he forced people to convert to his Islam. For, we must say that he is subjected to his religion and thus desires that others will be as well.

Talking about war, how many times have the Arabs tried to beat Israel to always finish being the losers? They did succeed joining forces with their brethren, though they didn't always like one another, to combat a common enemy, but always without the result expected. There is nothing to be proud of here.

I saw lately a documentary entitled:?The Forgotten Refugees' where one can see all the sufferings the Jews of Arab countries had to go through. All the Arab countries of North Africa and the Middle East have expelled their Jewish citizens, forced to abandon all their belongings and direct themselves to a host country, particularly Israel. Each one of them has his or her painful story to tell.

How can one be proud to have mistreated populations during centuries?
Do the Arab people realize what they did?
Everyone knows what the nazis have done to the Jews and others, yet Germans today recognize their sad past and do all they can to be pardoned. Would the Arabs do the same? I doubt.

And what to say of the situation of the woman in Islam?
The Koran and its hadiths do not cease humiliating them, depriving them of their rights, treating them like slaves. There is so much to say here that it will take a whole chapter.
Is this something to be proud of?

And if we speak about religion, let's mention that during these last centuries, religion has diminished in terms of a political force in the Western civilization, whereas it is not the case for the Moslem world, when Islam alone captures the large majority of violent conflicts in the world.

These last few days, I was reading:?Man: The most dangerous animal of the planet' written by my friend Emile Segev and in a passage, he raises a question: What is the fundamental cause of human quarrels? The answer is very simple: Religion
He says that the Islamic religion battles not only against other religions but also and mainly in the interior of it s fact, Moslems engage in bitter wars, like the ones between Sunnis and Chiites where the origin was different views as to the successor of the prophet Mohammed

How can one be proud of sowing wars all over the place?

And this was followed by the condemnation of infidels ( every non-Moslem) by the Moslem clergy, leading to Fatwas proclaiming a holy war and a Jihad against the West. No wonder that this West judged that this Moslem tribalism has rejected every notion of universality and human dignity.

Whoever speaks of tribalism says it is a rigid identity credo, in other words a code of conduct. Religious extremists sects coming from this tribalism can only be extreme forces of particularity.

If this has any common sense, what kind of pride can one take from them?

These last few days, in France, a teacher with twenty years of experience testified without doublespeak, of the disastrous education of Moslem children.
French for them is a foreign language, the language of the miscreants.
She arrived at the conclusion that in spite of all the good the community is doing for the youngsters of the suburbs, all they have is the hatred of France in their mouth. Their only reference is to the 'bled'. Their only desire: To impose their culture replacing our national culture. And they don't even hide from that. And they claim it as their pride.
She ads: Whatever is the subject I address, whether History, Geography, Civic education, all I get from their part is contempt and hostility towards our past, our values, our vision of democracy. I don't dare using the word secularism in class by fear of seeing them vomit on me, or worst insult me.
In conclusion she adds: I gave up. Their comments are heinous towards the French, the Jews, women, homosexuals...The evocation of fundamentalist terrorism makes them laugh, when they don't openly in class, make the apology of the Islamic State and the Sharia. Our history doesn't interest them, they have no common point with the under-dogs or chalk face as they call us.

We just read above what their pride is: Impose their culture
Is this the true Arab pride?
Maybe they are right and all of us are wrong!

Who will come one day and talk to these kids to convince them that they are not on the right track?
It will take one of them. Where is he? Who is he?

I did find one, his name is Salem Ben AMAR, a doctor in Political Science who said: ''I am asking Moslems, men and women, who have an abhorrence for humans and who think of themselves, the masters of the world while they have not come out yet from the kingdom of darkness.''

' When you do your shopping, what do you put in your baskets? Mohammed, Allah and the Koran or products that you are unable to fabricate for which you are 100% indebted to those your book orders to kill and humiliate.

When you are hungry or thirsty, is it Islam or your Sharia that nourishes you?
When you have no work and wish to escape your miserable life, do you find refuge in Islam or in these countries that you are destroying in the name of your religion?

When you are sick do you heal yourself with verses from your book or do you take medicine fabricated by the miscreants?

When you are cold and in total darkness, do you light yourself with hadiths of the prophet or do you use the electricity invented by the Wset that you hate so much?

When you need to surf the Internet do you use your prayer carpet or PC products produced by infidels?

When you need to move from one place to another do you use carpets as a means of transportation or mobile vehicles made by non Moslems that your sacred book calls unbelievers and recommends you to exterminate to the last?

When you suffer from myopia, do you wear the Ka'aba to increase your vision or a pair of sunglasses made by the miscreants?

When you must have a surgery do they anesthetize you with zem zem water or with an anesthetic imported from the West whose inhabitants you terrorize?

When you are hearing impaired, do you have recourse to the mosque loudspeakers or are you using acoustic equipment fresh out of the laboratories of the countries you call 'dar el harb' the house of war?

The author added few more examples but I will stop here.

And what to say of the successor of Antisemitism, so virulent in the Arab world?
One thing that people ignore is one of the insults Moslem parents throw at their kids when they want to scold them. It suffices to treat them of Jews, and this every Arab family knows it.
I know this because I lived it, saw it and heard it.

To all this, these last days was added BDS as if to say that Antisemitism alone is not enough. We must harm as much as possible Jews and Israel.

What kind of pride do we find here?

I can say more, but will stop here.

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