What would the world be like if....

When you consider that the Bible is now widely regarded as the most influential piece of literature ever written, as well as the bestseller of all time, with over 100 million copies sold every year, what are we to make of it?

We might ask: What would the world be like if...we hadn't received this famous book, the most famous book on earth?

I'm talking about the BIBLE, and I'm asking around me: has anyone thought about this question? I don't think so. The BIBLE has been taken for granted and nobody, except perhaps some atheists, to raise this point.

We have to say and believe that, in spite of ourselves, the BIBLE has made us what we are. How can we get rid of so many laws brought to us by the BIBLE?  How can we imagine a world other than our own?

I'm going to raise a sympathetic point. If there were other beings living on another planet, who in my opinion have not known this BIBLE, how do they they live? We'll have to take a closer look, and if we can't, let's use our imagination.

Before going any further, let's stay on earth and look at the effects this dear BIBLE has had throughout the world. If on the one hand it has given good advice, on the other, it has caused its followers to provoke endless wars.

I'll mention just a few examples to illustrate the inhumanity that religion, which began with the Bible, has brought to our world.

As early as 1099, the Catholic Church began the Crusades, leaving Europe towards Jerusalem to restore what it believed to be the truth, ridding itself of the occupiers of Jerusalem, whether Jews or Muslims.  During this journey, the Christians killed everything in their path. We know there was more than one crusade, and it came to nothing. .

Four centuries later, in 1492, the same church in Spain decided to get rid of some of its residents, the Jews and Muslims, and provoked an inquisition.  The long-lasting Inquisition led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people whose only fault was that they were not Christians.

Another five centuries later, in 1939-1945, Germany, led by Hitler, did not try to rid the country of non-Christians. Hitler killed Jews, Roma (who practiced a form of Catholicism), communists and socialists who happened to be Christian, and anyone else that blocked his vision. 

It's unfortunate that all three of these examples were linked to religion, i.e. the Bible.  My question becomes: if it weren't for the Bible, would we have all these misfortunes? Is the Bible at fault?

How am I wrong to think this way when many will rise up and shout their anger loud and clear, given that I question the belief in the sacred BIBLE and want to imagine a world without it?

Yes, I realize I'm raising a delicate point that few before me have considered.  Yes, we're used to our little lives, not asking questions, not wanting to change the system. But, are we right?

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