Another disturbing subject!

I've come to realize that, despite everything, it's still with us and manifests itself in more ways than one. We may not like it, but we have to believe that for some of us, it has a reason to exist.

I'm going to try to understand it, to find a reason for it to exist, because when it comes down to it, it does nothing but harm society, I'd even say humanity. I'll start with the question: What is hatred?

It is the indignation of hearts, the disdain of those who live in mediocrity and foolishness. Hatred does not seem to cease unless benevolence reconciles it. Only love and generosity can overcome it.

One of Gandhi's most beautiful quotes is: "You can only beat your opponent with love, not hate. Hatred is the most subtle form of violence. Hate hurts the hater more than the hated". And Martin Luther King warns us that hatred clouds life, while love makes it harmonious. Hatred darkens life, while love makes it luminous.

So here are a few recommendations for anyone preparing to commit an act of hatred. Will common sense ever prevail? It's sad to say that our world is unreasonable, sometimes absurd and confrontation always irrational.

Averroès ( Lawyer, Mathematician, Physician, Philosopher, Scientist, Theologian 1126-1198) found the right equation: "Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hatred and hatred leads to violence". If we study these three points of view closely, we'll see how true they are.

If power is a form of madness, some people will do anything to obtain it. And hatred is there to achieve that goal.

Avicenna (Chemist, Healer, Physician, Scientist, Theologian 980-1037) found a way to eliminate hatred: "Time makes people forget pain, extinguishes vengeance, soothes anger and suffocates hatred; then the past is as if it had never existed".

What is the advantage of this hatred?  It never created anything. The world is tired of hatred. What is its raison d'être? Why has it made this choice?  Is there worse contempt than hatred? I'm sure God has nothing to do with it.

My conclusion would be that hatred is nothing but filth. Life's too short to spend your time hating. It's just not worth it. It makes you wonder how it could give anyone a reason to live. And as my cousin Paul used to say, if only it could be suppressed.  

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