I must admit that I believe we are all at fault. All of us as much as we are. Each in his own way. Starting with our homes and our schools.
If it is not at home that we learn to live in society, then it should be at school. However, in light of the poor results we have, it seems that neither the home nor the school has done its duty.

I add to this an almost entire generation that is now called single-parent and that therefore by this very lack has helped to cause the fall of our very values. These same values that our politicians talk about all day long, the same politicians that we have elected.

Go figure. Everyone knows and everyone says that politicians are liars, and yet we listen to their lies. Is this some kind of madness.
I will raise as many points as I can to try to get to the root of the evil. I'm afraid to say, however, that the evil is in us, and it is up to us to cure it,  and yet we do nothing. We seem to like the status quo.

Our whole life is a status quo. We like existing conditions, we like unchanged positions. We like the state we are in. So why make any changes.
But we can see that nothing is going well. Until when? would Corneille say

I insist.
We must change the system in place. This system which seems to make us live. This system that we believe to be ours but that we do not control.
How many happy people are there among us?
If you tell me 50%, it means that there is another 50% who are not.
Don't we all deserve to be happy, if that was the only goal of our existence? Ask people what their purpose in life is and I am sorry to say that most people have no idea.
Why is that?
Once again, we have been badly directed, badly oriented, badly educated, badly understood, badly treated and so on.

Years ago, I heard a very Parisian expression; Metro, boulot, dodo. We laugh about it, but it's pretty serious if this is what life is all about.
Maybe when we stop and realize where we are, then we will wake up. Let's do it before it's too late.

The title of this essay  being "The world is crazy" let's see the meaning of the word crazy. A madman is a person who is mentally disturbed, whose behavior seems completely unreasonable, who is out of his normal state. By implication, anything that is contrary to reason.

So we are right to consider a terrorist who risks his life to kill the lives of others to be insane. When our governments spend money unreasonably on programs that don't make sense but for which there are interests that see to it that this happens, that too should be counted as insane.

Are we being led by madmen?
I am afraid so. I have said before that violence is not repaired with other violence. If violence is insane, why act in a similar way?
It doesn't make sense, does it?

There was once a certain GANDHI.
Gandhi, called the Mahatma, that is to say the great soul
God, do we miss today?
Here is a man who by his perseverance not to use violence has succeeded in expelling the British installed in India for years, without having raised a weapon against them. Where are the Gandhis of our generation?

Will we have to be a hundred, a thousand to go on hunger strike to show our discontent to our governments and show them that what is happening to us is their fault?

Everything starts at the base.
The base is me, it's you, it's us.
It's up to me, you and us to take the first step. Yes, there are peaceful demonstrations all day long. Where do they lead? to nothing. The key element seems to be missing.

Either we are not knocking on the right door or we do not know how to knock on
this door. One thing is certain, the door is there. I don't propose to break it down, although that's what it deserves, but rather to insist that it listens to me and not with a distracted ear.
I don't want to be turned away with a back hand. Not only do I want to be listened to, but I want my very sensible demands this time to be put into motion to institute the necessary changes.

What is happening to us?
Is it the water we are drinking?
We have to put an end to this situation which is still going on.
We like it in spite of ourselves, and the days go by, and life goes by and we miss out on life.

It is time to think.
To think about ourselves, our environment, our land.
To think about how to make things better
Think about how to feed the hungry poor.
Thinking how to heal the sick and the poor.
Thinking how to raise our children
Thinking how to live in peace.
Thinking that it is time to be tolerant of our neighbors whoever they are. To stop insulting unnecessarily and getting angry at what we don't understand.

Let's put reason and common sense on our side
Let's get away from everything that can be madness.
Maybe then we will see things under another eye, under another dimension, on another level.
Let's put ourselves in the place of the other, let's understand him, let's love him.
I dare to believe that for some, this seems difficult but not for the average person if we are fundamentally good before being bad.
Let us remember, we are born equal, let us show it.

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