A whole subject that I propose to discuss.
Indeed, this word is worth its weight in gold given the dozens of interpretations that can be given to it. It was suggested to me by my cousin who reads all my texts and comments them intelligently.
So, let's attack CULTURE

I am convinced that if we ask people how they conceive culture, the answers would be numerous and different. The reason is simple, because everyone has their own interpretation. One of the first explanations was that it is the action of cultivating the land, aiming at making it productive. But that was not my intention. I was rather referring to the development of intellectual activities. That is, the cultivation of the mind.

For me, culture is all the knowledge acquired by an individual. Today, television and the mass media project ideas that are very different from each other. They incite the world to follow a path that is not always the right one, thus changing the meaning we had of culture. To the point where today each society has its own culture.

As a matter of fact, we have what we call the western culture and we try to communicate it to the rest of the world, which is different from us. This example was seen and marked during the presidency of George W Bush who wanted to convert the Arab world into a democracy. It did not work because everyone has their own culture and prefers to keep it.

Closer to home, in the United States, we have two political parties, each with its own culture. The people are divided and this is not good for anyone. In fact, in the last few years, many changes have been made that have changed the situation.

Several examples demonstrate this state of affairs. A new word is all the rage: 'transgender', avoiding any differentiation between boys and girls. Abortion is the topic of the day when an old law has been revoked. Political parties seize on these differentiations and manipulate them to win votes.

Speaking of the United States, we all know how much this country prides itself on the values it represents. So if we think of all these values as nothing more than a universal culture, then why do we continue to fight? Isn't life bigger and more important than all these values?

If the dream of all is to succeed, and the United States has allowed many to achieve it. The ideal would be to respect the other and allow him to reach this same dream. We are all supposed to be equal and often this is not the case. Let's set this objective. Yes, happiness exists and it depends on each of us.

Let us reconsider the simple word 'intellectual' which is nowadays ostracized. The less educated among us refuse to understand intelligence. And the crises show that intelligence is unfortunately not proportional to the culture of the individuals. Republicans and Democrats are fighting, trying to impose their opinions, trying to repair the inequalities. All this becomes complicated and the poor voter is lost, not understanding all the insinuations that are proposed.

I always do my best to provoke the reader, to force him to think and reflect on what would be best for human nature, while the media, on the other hand, are happy to turn him in an opposite direction, which favors the party they support.

We have always had a culture, our culture, the one in which we grew up and were educated. I believe it has been good for us and we must cherish it. André Malraux said it well: 'Culture is not inherited, it is conquered'.

What a pity that the majority of the world lives next door rather than in the present and yet they belong to my culture but prefer to be witnesses rather than activists.
My culture has given me a language that I love to the point of wanting to share it and thus promote this culture that has given me a voice and that has shown me the path I have taken.

I can conclude with a surprising word from Johnny Depp: "France and all of Europe have a great culture and an amazing history. The most important thing is that people know how to live! In America, they have forgotten everything. I'm afraid American culture is a disaster."

I will tell Mr. Depp that France and Europe are almost two thousand years old while America is not even three hundred years old. A little patience and the culture will be enriched

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