What bothers me the most are the bad thoughts that go through my mind. The more I read about the suffering my people have endured over the ages, by all the communities in the world, and in a terrible way, the less I want to live. Because I will live to read more of this suffering and feel tortured by what my ancestors and fellow believers have suffered.


I read "From Time Immemorial" by Joan Peters, which tells what the Jews experienced in each of the Arab countries where they lived. How we survived all this is almost unimaginable. The fact that the world is witnessing these acts and doing nothing makes the acceptance of such a situation even more sickening. What can I do? You can't change the past

When I think that religions have often been at the root of all these massacres, I ask myself, what are they for? Why not renounce any religion that advocates hate and violence?

Yes, men are weak. Yes, men need leaders, but these leaders let themselves be fooled by the promises made by their religion and by their desire for power. This famous desire that ruins civilizations in the name of an individual, whether he is Jesus, Mohammed, Attila, Hitler or Khomeini.



When will we learn? When will the cult of the individual collapse? When will the human race resign itself to living and conceive that harmony and equality rather than permanent competition are the symbols of a life?

The present is hardly a guarantee of the future when we see that anti-Semitism is on the rise. Governments, because of their famous freedom of expression, lack recourse, pass by, hoping that it will pass. But it doesn't.

I can't wait, I can't wait to not hear anymore of these libels, these defamations that are constantly promulgated against us. I fear that while I am alive, I will not cease to be a witness and that is why not being alive anymore, I will have the privilege of not suffering from all this anymore.


JACQUES HADIDA, publie dans dafina le 26 Sep 2019

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