Another one of those big words we live with every day but don't respect.
Why is it so difficult to be patient when it costs us nothing.

I am mistaken! Yes, it costs the one who never has time to consider any proposal. Someone who is too busy with his own, sometimes insignificant, business. Someone who lacks respect for others, whoever they may be.
Well, I am patient, very patient and I give credit to this virtue because I really believe it is a virtue.

I would like to believe that with patience you can achieve anything.
It puts benevolence in place of hate. It puts dignity in place of aggression. It puts hope in place of despondency and concern for others in place of indifference. These beautiful words are from Francis of Assisi.

And when we study closely all the actions mentioned, we discover indeed that dignity is not a matter of pride. It is a precious good that we must not lose. Dignity is synonymous with self-esteem and self-respect. Temperance, on the other hand, supports the party of reason. It knows how to link wisdom and courage. That the worst danger is indifference, here it is a question of silence, and silence is consent.

According to my friend, Raphaël Lévy, patience cannot be counted in hours or years, it is a permanent state of mind. And yet, why does this state of mind not affect everyone? I believe that there is a lack of interest, that is to say that indifference makes people insensitive. For them, nothing matters except their own little life. Love and respect do not count.

Could it be that patience has to do with faith and that a person without patience is equal to a person without faith? Ralph Waldo Emerson, on the other hand, adopts the rhythm of nature whose secret is patience. Whereas for Tolstoy, the two most valiant warriors are patience and time.

It is strange that the years teach us patience. Yuval Harari said that philosophers are very patient, engineers are less so, and investors are the least patient.

I could conclude that our America, these days, which is floundering, must be patient. For if we take things as they come, we find that patience and perseverance tend to win out in the end.  The more patient we are, the more we will accept life as it is, instead of exhausting ourselves waiting for it to finally reflect our dreams.
Finally, aren't the keys to patience acceptance and trust? Let us accept things as they are and look realistically at the world around us. Let us arm ourselves with confidence in the path we choose. This will give us the power to transform impatience into patience. The effort is well worth it, because patience is a way of treating ourselves with compassion, because it helps us to calmly accept things as they are.

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