We all know this word and live with it sometimes. It is mainly simply the sadness that we feel when we are far from our country. Because this country has indeed marked us since our youth and we have kept so many memories of it.

It is a kind of melancholy caused by certain regrets.Who among us does not feel this melancholy of the past?
Nostalgia comes from the Greek 'nostos' meaning homesickness, associated with the suffix algie, from the Greek 'algos', meaning suffering, pain. So there is melancholy and sadness. Yes, some people call it 'the blues', the memory of a past, of a disappeared experience.

So we are now well informed!
A way of going backwards in our life to try to find what we have lost, forgotten and forsaken. How am I going to praise a word that at first seems sad because it causes pain?
Someone said that nostalgia is realizing that some unsuspected moments of the past made us happy. And I have to admit, it does. I just have to stop for a minute, think about what my past has given me and then I realize that this nostalgia thing isn't so bad.

So I will look for some positive aspect to this word that seems rather negative.  So nostalgia, what is it?
It is a very particular painful feeling that is characterized by regret, even the loss of certain people. It remains that there is this feeling of pleasure, like finding happy memories.
Could it be that one of its benefits is simply the memory of happy events? Thus, the sadness that would be normal will not find its place. We all cherish our childhood, our country, is this a way to communicate with our past, while we are at rest? One would think that there is an awareness.

I don't know if this nostalgia applies only to the elderly. They have certainly lost loved ones, while the young have not yet experienced these setbacks. Imagine looking at old photos and discovering that some people are no longer with us. You smile and feel a little sad. You hear a song that takes you back decades, but that song, only for you, is priceless.
The other day, in a restaurant, I discovered a dish that took me back to one of my trips almost fifty years ago. A nice coincidence rather than a nostalgic one. A psychologist will tell you that delving into the past allows you to better face the present and to give meaning to your life
Scientifically, nostalgia used to be a psychic illness, but it has become almost commonplace. But one should not confuse nostalgia and melancholy. It is necessary to believe that if the first one is transitory, the second one lasts longer. The person is stuck in the past. Psychiatrists describe it as a deep depression. Nothing like that with nostalgia. If there is pain from a past era, memories are there to give pleasure.
I think I've covered a bit of this unusual aspect of the famous nostalgia and I'm sure that after my few attempts, the reader will be pleased to discover that it's neither far-fetched nor extravagant. Maybe a bit weird


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