Oh, the beautiful word.
It's been a while since I've written any praise, and this one kept coming back to me saying: So when are you going to talk about me?
I'll get to it

I remember, many years ago, the announcer on the radio said; « If you must drink wine, drink it in moderation. »
I liked the word so much that I said to myself, it's not only wine that deserves moderation.
And yet, some will say that wine, like the night, reveals the beings. It is true that alcohol liberates tongues and minds, that it reveals generous souls as well as shady natures.

We all know that alcohol is intoxicating, but it can be beneficial if used in moderation. Some will tell you that religion is like wine, it must always be practiced in moderation, but let's leave the wine.

As for women, let's remember that you can't talk about women in moderation. Sometimes we always say too much or too little. As for the one who loves truffles, this healthy and pleasant food, he should eat it with moderation.

I think that sometimes people work too much. If not because their employers ask them to or because they like it. To those, I would say courteously: I understand that you like your job, but go easy on it in moderation.

The same goes for some students who spend hours, sometimes nights, studying, especially before an exam. I would say to them: manage your time, organize yourself, control your time. Studying is good, but there is also life on the side that you should not forget. Your neighbor is trying to reach you and you are too busy studying.

A Congolese boxer once said that the only thing in his opinion that can be consumed without any moderation is knowledge. Oh, how I agree with him. This quote is short but worth it

Milan Kundera said a very nice word: » He was such a deeply conciliatory man that he defended his moderate opinions only with a very strong moderation ».The same is true of principles. We all have them, and of course we must use them with moderation.

Speaking of principles, I'm realizing that in my case, too, I'm going to have to exercise moderation. I've been reading and writing a lot for months now. I've cut back on my writing but not my reading. So I have to respect what I suggest to others.

Perhaps you remember the words of Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet: "Love in moderation. That is the key to lasting love. Too fast is as bad as too slow. "And if everyone tells you that life is good, then let's live it in moderation.

I am in no hurry to finish this eulogy. However, I discovered a passage in Plato's book that I liked and I'm sharing it with my readers:
"The man who makes everything that leads to happiness depend on himself, and not on others, has adopted the best plan for living happily. He is the man of moderation, the man of manly character and wisdom."

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