Praise to Glory

I am referring especially to the violence *1, because it is present in every corner of the world. It is as if the whole world has made a pact and said to itself: this is the way to act.

Indeed, no corner of the planet is spared. You only have to open your eyes to see. But the world does not open its eyes. It closes them. And the same goes for its ears. It does not want to hear. It blocks them. So many people die because of wars or the indifference of the world that we take it for granted that it is normal.

And yet, none of this is normal.
If I leave, I won't have to witness so much incoherence, so much nonsense, because common sense no longer exists. The world has turned it off. I feel overwhelmed by this unfortunate nonchalance, by this state of mind that does not deserve to be called that.

Why is this so?
What have we done to deserve such a fate?
Yes, we are all guilty, indolent and amorphous to the point of not being able to recognize our misfortunes.
I will leave and let others solve this mess created by the man who is far from realizing what he has done, so much he is taken by the race to profit or to meet the obligations of the end of the month. These months that pass so quickly that he does not realize the passage of time

I believe that I will be happy to leave, even though I will be unhappy to leave behind me this beautiful nature*2 that has always pleased me, with its plants or its animals, with its panoramas or its freshness.
Yes, by leaving, I will leave behind me people who love me-at least, I think so. Those who have known me well may understand my decision to leave and will explain to others.
Sometimes I wonder how many people there are who think like me. Because if I am the only one, then I am certainly not a part of this world family and therefore better not be part of it anymore.
I feel tired of being misunderstood. Why am I different from others when it would be so easy to be like everyone else? But for me, everyone is wrong and everyone is wrong.
If there was a purpose to our life, what has become of it? Maybe we don't know what that purpose is and that's why we lose ourselves in conflicts, in lack of communication and in disinterestedness in others. For this other, today, who is it? Who cares? The world doesn't care. So this is my point, if not my reason for leaving.
Tomorrow, I won't have this concern anymore. I will be alone with myself and I will not worry about anyone. I already feel my satisfaction. Among other things, I will feel the delusion of unfulfilled dreams. No more common miseries, illness, bad news, disappointments. No more uncertain future. I will no longer need to please anyone. I will forget the wisdom that it was so much more important for me to acquire all these years. This wisdom that would have allowed me to better understand the world, to better appreciate it. But tomorrow the impulses of my heart and my mind will end. They will both be at rest and I am convinced that this will do them good after so much rambling and discernment.

And I will now raise a very delicate point that causes me to leave. I recognize that it is cowardly of me to abandon in this way a very important mission that many of my fellow believers are facing, namely, the fight against anti-Semitism*3
It seems that the latter, at the turn of the century, has taken on a global form, finding more appeal than ever among individuals and groups. How can we understand such a phenomenon?
The dimension of its threat is such that our technology has given it wings to spread its flames. And the results are devastating. The world media as well as academia, intellectuals and politicians and hostile states have made this anti-Jewish sentiment run rampant in the world, rejecting morality and justice, thus creating a very vexing prejudice. As if our people have not suffered enough.
It seems that the Inquisition, the pogroms and the Holocaust were not enough and that anti-Semitism still has its reason to exist. In other words: We have to live with it.
In my case, I refuse to live with and make myself miserable day by day with this devil that has a name. This devil that the religions have described as a person has become today a thing, much more destructive, a plague for the humanity. I said humanity, because this plague can be found in Europe as well as in Asia, in the Arab world, in America and in Africa, supported by hundreds of millions.
To such an extent that anti-Semitism exists where there is neither democracy nor freedom. It has become an ideology, even a political system. It seems that it has always existed and is doing very well today.
And yet, let's take a look at Israel and see how much the world underestimates it.
Here we have a country that in less than sixty years has done more than any other in a thousand.
The miracle that is Israel does not seem to have reached all minds.
Did you know that Israel today has the highest longevity rate in the world? In spite of all the misfortunes that hit it daily, Israel has the joy of living and its inhabitants are among the happiest in the world. And believe me, this is not easy.
This small country of some seven million inhabitants has turned the world upside down with its technologies in all fields. From military to electronics, from agriculture to science, from research to medicine, Israel is today a world leader, and with all this we hate it.

Why, you may ask?
In a previous chapter I talked about jealousy and I have to believe that this is the best reason I have found.
When I see what Israel is doing for itself and for the world, I am filled with joy and glory and tell myself that the others go to hell.
On this very encouraging note, I decide not to leave to continue to rejoice in the fantastic progress that this small country is making all the time and to show the world that no matter how much we hate it, it is here to stay. Just like me.

Notes : Violence is the law of nature. Animals fight. Do lions make a peace treaty with gazelles? Even plants fight. Even in our bodies, this law is valid. Do lymphocytes make a peace treaty with microbes? No, they eliminate them because it is the survival of the system. Everywhere we kill to survive...Bernard Werber
There is nothing at all. There is only nature. It has its laws and we cannot escape them. In the real world, nature has an answer to every question. Through innumerable wars, epidemics, sieges and revolutions, she has managed to get rid of myriads of beasts and humans. Without being fatalistic, it appears that the world is governed by powers stronger than us and the best is to submit to them...Author unknown
Anti-Semitism is reinvented by some right-wing populisms with a Catholic base. It is being reinvented by the left, which gives brio and prestige to what was once pure right-wing rhetoric.
This new anti-Semitism is working effectively to make people forget and trivialize the Shoah, knowing that forgetting is always a choice. In fact, to forget is to have a good memory. Without a doubt, the European Left has a very bad memory. And with forgetfulness entrenched in ideology, the Left also forgets the origins of the creation of the State of Israel. The Left casts suspicion on its legitimacy and criminalizes its actions...
Pilar Rahola, writer, former deputy of the Spanish Socialist Party (resigned because of the policies of the PSOE and IU of Catalonia)

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