This is a word that we don't often use. And yet, it has all its value.
If we understand that it expresses an overflow of life by acts and words, and if around us, we notice a person rather different by his acts and words, then we say that this person is exuberant. It is his character, his feeling.

It is a fact that there is an enthusiasm, a joy of living and there is no harm in transmitting such a feeling. I consider that we have here what I call a wealth. For what could be better than vitality, petulance.
Why don't we let ourselves experience such a treat for a moment?

Yes, we all have our priorities, our problems, our worries!
Great God, let's put them aside and enjoy what the good side of life has to offer. Why not overabundance? We are so short of it!

There is so much to say: While many show their joy with exuberance, the jungle is characterized by the unexpected exuberance of its greenery and vegetation. Is this lushness not abundance, profusion, excessive development.

One can be proud of its prosperity and exuberance of life and strength, but sometimes it can also be exhausting. I looked to see if I could find a negative aspect to this word and found this phrase from an Asian politician, I believe Taiwanese who said that, "The exuberance of democracy leads to conditions of unruliness and disorder unfavorable to development."

A certain philosopher had this to say: 'There is an exuberance in goodness that seems to be badness.
Another said: There is no feeling that throws in exuberance with more force than that of nothingness
And if we're on the subject of politics, here's a word from Benjamin Disraeli: "A sophisticated rhetorician, intoxicated by the exuberance of his own verbosity."

As for faith, my understanding is that it is the ability to honor stillness at times, and at others to ride passion and exuberance.
Jacques Cousteau had a sympathetic word: « And let us also remember that life, in its exuberance, always succeeds in overflowing the narrow limits in which man thinks he can enclose it. «

I believe that hard as a rock, Exuberance is a gift of grace that allows us to move forward, to seek, to love again. I'm all for exuberance. We only have a short life to live, and we should not waste it looking only for good taste. We must avoid that what started with exuberance and passion is always ended by terse accusations and hateful words

Finally, feeling a little dizzy, I needed to share what little exuberance I thought I had in me

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