Here is a word that is not liked at all. And it's not from today. In my youth, I didn't like it and now, at 77, I imagine that the world thinks I'm old.

What is beautiful in these words, old, old age?
Nothing at all.
We spend our lives studying, working, creating and maintaining a home, raising children who end up being ungrateful and then as a satisfaction and a prize of honor, we fall into old age. Quite a gift!

Yes, when we are young, we see and live with old people, starting with our parents, and we never think that one day our turn will come. Far from us this thought.
I would like to find all the positive aspects that this nasty word can offer me to give it some respect.

Some will say that wisdom comes with age. I would like to believe this, especially since at the age of fifteen I was already asking 'wisdom where are you'?
She suggested that I wait until I was forty. I waited and at forty years old I asked the same question again to which the answer was: Oh! A little too early, wait until you are sixty.
Again I waited.  When I reached sixty and asked the question again, the answer was rather harsh: 'Oh, you're still looking for wisdom? If you haven't found it yet, you'll never find it.

What can I say to console me?
Have I found it?
I doubt it a little, because having had it, maybe my life would be different. I confess that I don't know. But I will continue to search for it, sincerely believing that it is worth it.

Let's get back to our famous old age. It seems that old age is bearable and sweet if one has lived according to justice, being loyal and sincere, and giving everyone his due. Is this the case with me? I honestly think so.
I don't remember being tormented by illnesses that would have robbed me of the small pleasures that life sometimes offers us.

I can certainly console myself by saying that getting older is the only way to live a long life. That getting older is to move from passion to compassion. By the way, when we are young, we all want to get old...but being old is something else.
Being old! Again that bad word!

And to think that young people think that old people are stupid. But I, as old as I am, will tell them that they are the idiots. And I will add that if in their eyes shines the flame, in mine shines the light

So I will be content and think that if youth is a state of mind, why shouldn't old age be too. I still consider myself fit and able and I will shout: In your eyes I am old, but I am still alive and the many years do not matter .

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