How long more do I have to hear and read about antisemitism?
How much more do I have to read about all my people went through to survive. History, for those who are interested by it, is full of stories of what happened to the Jewish people.
All you read is how they were treated by the countries in which they lived after they were kicked out from Jerusalem twice, in 586 BCE by the Babylonians and in 70 CE by the Romans.

Yes, Jews are a different people!
Unlike the rest of the world that does what it pleases, Jews have a set of rules to respect, stemming from their Bible, the TORAH.

In the last twenty-thirty years I have written non-stop about this situation and it never changed making me realize that it will not change in the next twenty-thirty. So I am forced to accept this status-quo, that has existed for two milenias .
My question becomes: Did any other people on earth live such a phenomena?

Why us Jews are undergoing this catastrophe?
The Christians will tell you because we killed Christ and the Moslems will tell you because we refused to convert to Mohammed's new religion.
I think I have studied enough about these two religions to the point that I can claim that I know a bit more about them than than their practitioners know about my religion.
Luckily Buddhists and similar didn't join the bandwagon.

Is it not a shocker to hear every day an attack on a Jew by generally by a Moslem? It happens everywhere, New York, Texas, Missouri, Canada, France and on…Why? It has become normal and we all accept it. Is that right? I doubt!.
It's really nothing new, it always lays dormant and resurfaces when countries need a scapegoat to blame for their problems. Could it be that The world has lost its mind mostly because of the degradation of education and family values?

Shall I stop reading?
Shall I stop caring?
How can I when I am a Jew, belonging to my people, being an integral part of it? I do not have an answer except staying where I am and remaining who I am.


And here we are in Europe at a Music Festival, where some Spaniards decided to deface an Israeli flag with nasty words. Luckily, the organizers, a Hungarian company decided to reject Spain from participating. How often do we see that?

Yes, I can go on and give details that history has collected when the majority either doesn't know or doesn't care to know.
We had the crusades that lasted two hundred years, when all of Europe decided to travel all the way to Jerusalem,to reconquer Jesus home, killing on their way the Jews they found. We have the rise of Islam who left Arabia to conquer the world with a scimitar to convert or kill the Jews on their way and I don't forget that while the world was witnessing the discovery of the New World, my people in Spain were undergoing an inquisition that killed several thousand Jews. The Holocaust is more recent so people may know a little bit about it, but that is not enough.

Maybe you can appreciate my feelings towards those assassins who considered themselves well advanced to dictate their statements thanks to their power.

Enough is enough is the least I can say today

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