Nature vs Climate Change

You can think all you want, you can plan all you wish but NATURE will decide what happens.

Over time we have witnessed volcanoes erupting, tsunami surging, earthquakes upsetting the world, rains and flood pouring while our ability to have any control never materialized.

Only then, do we realize how weak we are.  

NATURE has been and will always be the master. In the meantime, news and media bombard us daily with CLIMATE CHANGE, just as if we had the capacity to understand it, let alone do something to change it. 
How sad!

Every day we are told to drive less so that we don’t emit gases that will affect our environment. We are not telling planes to stop flying nor boats to move around oceans while they are a bit more guilty of such gases we people emit.

I have decided to talk about this issue while I am not a scientist, let alone someone who understand technicalities. Far from my mind to debate about such issues, however, like everyone else, I hear and read non stop about CLIMATE CHANGE.

No matter how you look at it, these two words seem to influence the way we live. Yes, our life has changed because of this worry, this concern, the attention we give to this problem. What to me is the problem is the feeling that society is accusing me of causing the climate to change. It is my fault!

And unless I change, the world will go to hell. Me, that little speck in this universe is responsible for what is happening to all of us. What competence, what expertise do I have? And yet, I am responsible.
Think about it! What can I do ? What can you do?

It seems that every government on the planet, except those who do not care, attacks this issue with the power it has or it gives itself, again to convince its residents, to be better people and take care of their environment. Another beautiful word; ´´the environment ´´.

In other words, this world of ours will change if we do not change and it is the duty of everyone of us to be better people by taking care of it. All of a sudden, I have now become important. So important that it is up to me to change the world. Quiet a contract!

Many will say that every problem has a solution. Our duty now is to find a solution to our problem since it is one,  a major one indeed.
Sea levels are increasing and some littorals may soon be under water. And when you add and include pollution to all this, yes, it is a danger eyeballing at us. Gawking should be the right word.

Yes, Just like you, I urgently need to find an answer. This predicament is too hard to swallow alone . We need a conjurer, a magician, a prestidigitator, almost an illusionist , maybe a sleight-of-hand artist to get us out of this nightmare.

So let's look for him and in the meantime, let's live as we can and maybe a miracle will happen.

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