We have dozens of ministries that should each be dealing with the problems our citizens face on a daily basis.
Whether it's the Ministry of Labor or the Ministry of Health and Welfare, or the Ministry of Justice and Immigration. In short, we have several and many of us are not satisfied with their prowess.

Today I would like to announce another one, a new one that no one has thought of and that I believe could eliminate several of them.
I'll call it the Ministry of the Future.
Let's focus for a minute and see what today's ministries are doing to improve the future of our citizens. I'll have several examples to prove my point, but I'll settle for one simple example.

In the neighborhood where I live, there are two small forests: one is 150 meters by 40 meters, the other about 100 meters by 30 meters. I guess that's not very big. Now, a decision of the city has just been taken and it seems that these two forests, all full of trees that at this time of the year are resting, are going to be eliminated, to be replaced by two residential complexes.

I am outraged!
Nature will be destroyed and replaced by cement!
Why don't we look beyond that? Why eliminate trees that have a natural benefit to replace them with a profit for a company?
What is becoming of our world that decides to live in the present without thinking about the future?
This is a wonderful example of how corporate greed takes precedence over the well-being of the citizen. Why deprive us of the beauty that these trees offer for the benefit of a few?

If there were a department in our governments that would take care to avoid this type of outrage, perhaps we would live better.
I firmly believe that we forget that we live on a disappearing planet and nobody seems to want to remedy this crisis.

The fact is, we are all selfish, we live for ourselves and not for our grandchildren. I am sure that one day they will realize how much we have ignored them. They will be angry and will try to fix things but it will be too late.

I therefore propose to consider within each government an organization, an authority whose responsibility will be to respect nature. The latter will have to take a preponderant place in any decision concerning the behavior of the individual as well as the positive result for the society.

I believe that in Quebec there is a Ministry of Wildlife which on the one hand protects the forest but at the same time takes care of the commercial part which will bring him income because we need wood to make furniture and matches. So what to think? The goat or the cabbage?

How to motivate the world to understand and appreciate the value of the future. Yes, I understand that he won't be there, but our descendants will. Do we care about them? Do we wish them a better life?  Is this not a way to show them that we love them?

To be realistic, we must note a rather disturbing element, namely, the increase of the population. How can we find a remedy for this?
Today, everything is built on top of the ground because the space available for living is getting smaller and smaller. Should we consider living underground? There are many businesses, shopping malls and others that are underground and no one is complaining about it. Should there also be housing?

I understand that lately Israel is considering underground cemeteries in the city of Jerusalem where many religious people want to be buried, for them this could be acceptable.

There might be another solution and this one is certainly 'far fetched'. I am talking about an underwater life. I don't know if it exists anywhere on our planet but I have a feeling that someone has thought of it.

As I think this way, I have to believe that what many people believe may one day be true. As humans, we do not respect our earth and even more so our waters. We constantly read that plastic pollution causes the death of all aquatic life. That this waste is being thrown into the water rather than being buried underground. I understand that Asia is the big culprit, considering the populations of India and China. That these countries show no interest or concern for the dangers they cause. And the worst thing is that nobody accuses them of such a behavior.

Does the United Nations have any say?
I doubt it because I am always eager to see or hear their point of view. And this, in many areas. Let's look at what the UN is doing today to solve the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Nothing at all! Isn't that their role?
Isn't the well-being of humanity important enough?

And all this makes me wonder if my Ministry of the Future would be more competent! I fundamentally believe that we are dealing with men and women, that is, individuals who have a background that is not always up to the problem of the day. Are we really intelligent enough to understand
to understand, to appreciate, to find a solution to our problems?
Sorry, but once again, I doubt it.

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