Of all the misfortunes that the earth can inflict on us, indifference is the one that does the most harm, directly and especially indirectly. Someone said before me that indifference is the greatest of contempt.

What does the dictionary say about this word?
The tranquil state of a person who neither desires nor repels a thing. And I would add that we are talking about a person who is not moved, who is not interested and who is rather insensitive.

A very recent example is the Ukraine-Russia war which lasted two months so far and which moved the whole world at the beginning, but two months later, as it lasts without any positive result, the world seems in my opinion to lose interest. Fatigue has taken over.

I will draw a parallel with the Second World War. Hitler enjoyed killing Jews in every possible way and only about twenty out of a hundred countries on the planet opposed him. The United States, as powerful as it seemed to be, did not enter the game until after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and England declared war only after Hitler publicly identified it as his next target.
The rest of the world was indifferent.

I will go further. It may be that China, seeing what is happening between Russia and Ukraine, may attack or even invade Taiwan, which it claims as its own. And tell me how many countries will come to help Taiwan? Another major indifference presents itself to us.

Let's look around us and try to see, maybe understand, even justify our behavior.
Let's back up and think about the indifference of the world that led to the crimes of the Third Reich, and the whole world suffered from this indifference.
In conversations with Holocaust survivors, one senses the real fear of revisiting the seeds of hatred that were implemented in the "Final Solution." These honorable, good people who had done nothing wrong - except that in the eyes of Germany, they were born Jewish... everything was taken away from them. Their parents. Their families. Their homes. Everything.
Is this not the worst sin against our fellow human beings, not to hate them but rather to despise them with indifference?

And faith, what happens to it? I believe that what has killed faith today is not atheism but rather indifference. And if complacency is indifference, is that what our world offers us most truly, its indifference? For complacency is often indifference. If sympathy is a principle of life, why has it suddenly been lost?

While man does his best to transform the world, he suffers from the indifference that the world has towards him. It is curious to note that for some, indifference is freedom, that through it they achieve love. Crazy, isn't it? By the way, if you answer a question with : As you wish', there is also indifference. Politeness itself can be considered as indifference.

I could add that indifference is convenient when one does not want to face the reality and the efforts that will be required to remedy the evil and the violence.

One wonders whether indifference has its own wisdom. And if indifference is silence, does it not become consent? Another would say that the opposite of love is not hate, but rather indifference.

It seems that happiness and unhappiness end where indifference begins.  How can one change or influence an indifferent person when he is as good as dead, without ears and without heart.
I have found a nice parallel: A soul fallen into indifference is like stagnant water that is putrefying and poisoning itself for lack of movement and fluctuation because indifference is an incurable evil.
it is injustice in a chronic state.

In conclusion, I am afraid to say that in this world indifference dominates, it is apathetic. Is there a way to cure indifference? Especially if it is emotional and causes damage that can haunt a life. As adults, we can do the healing ourselves by exploring the symptoms and addressing our emotional needs while breaking the cycle of neglect in our relationships with others.

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